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10 November 2009 at 11:06 am Leave a comment

Because I am now in car limbo, I have been researching all the possible ways to get a car for free, because that is all I can afford:

1. Steal a car — would work, but then I would be on the run!

2. Find an old neighbor like Clint Eastwood and wait for him to die to leave me his Gran TorinoOnce again, this would first involve trying to steal the car first…

3. Follow car shipments until one falls off like on all the moviesviable, but then I would have to take whatever car just happened to fall off, and the condition would be questionable, to say the least…

4. Do something really creative like trade-up to a car from a paper clipIt’s been done & I hate copycats.

5. Receive a free car with advertisements all over it — unfortunately, don’t live in enough of a metro area.

6. Get lucky at a government auction & win a car for a penny — well, its close to free, but unlikely.

7. Win a Free Car!!! — This seems to be the most viable option, but I can’t seem to find all the contests available…

Any other ways to get a free car that you know about? Let me know! I am definitely interested!


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car limbo mall madness

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