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6 May 2009 at 10:00 am 1 comment

I’ve recently lost weight. And I can’t tell you how much, because I don’t own a scale, so I don’t actually know. (And actually, in many ways, I think its better that way!) What I do know is that I am eating better than I have in years, I’m exercising everyday, and I am able to fit into clothes I’ve had in storage, because they fit again!

I use my clothes, not a scale.

I use my clothes, not a scale.

I’ve been very proud of my effort and dedication, and for the most part the people around me are pleased as well. However, there are a select few who are already trying to scotch my efforts.

These naysayers, these non-believers, these weight scotchers use sinister methods to acheive their ends. They don’t scoff outright at my efforts, or even tell me I can’t do it, instead they become “concerned” about how much weight I am losing. Their concern is that I am looking “too thin”.

uh-uh! too thin!

uh-uh! too thin!

Too thin?  I’m still a beefy size 16. How can I be looking too thin? I haven’t lost my curves, and most of stomach and back end still jiggle like jell-o — what planet are they living on? I could understand if I was a size 3, weighing in at 100lbs, but when I’m still well above 150lbs, what could possibly be their cause for “concern”?

I think their “concerns” are more for a change in the status quo then they are for me:

WS says: I’m concerned that you are losing too much weight.
WS means: You are starting to look thinner than me and I don’t like it. Its making me re-think how I treat my body and how undedicated I am to diet and exercise, so please stop it.

WS says: I’m concerned that you are losing weight far too quickly.
WS means: I don’t have enough time to adjust to the way the status quo it changing, so give me time to catch-up, please.

WS says: Are you sure its good to exercise that much?
WS means: I feel like a lazy bum, because I don’t exercise that much, and in order to make myself feel better, I have to put down how much work and effort you are putting into this.

WS says: Why don’t you eat more? You shouldn’t lose your appetite. That’s unhealthy.
WS means: I’m eating the same as I always do, and you should eat just as much fat-filled, unhealthily fried crap as I am.

Well, to those of you who may feel a bit of actual concern for my weight loss, I would like to point out the following facts:

1. I am not using any drugs, chemicals, or pills to help me lose weight. I am using tried and true natural methods. I’m exercising more (most of it is walking) and I am eating less.

2. I am not obsessing about my weight. I am just enjoying the benefits of being more fit.

3. I have a healthy goal: I want to be a size 12, which is still considered plus size, and I want to be able to do 20 regular push-ups in a row.

4. I know that I will need to stop losing weight eventually, but at least let me reach my goal, before you start worrying that I’ve gone overboard.

In a society that is destined to have more people die of obesity than of any other disease, we have developed a backlash to the idea that thinner is better. And while I agree that people shouldn’t go to unhealthy lengths to lose weight, we DO NEED to go to healthy lengths to lose weight!  

I’m barely starting to catch up after years of abuse to my body, so I need all the encouragement and re-enforcement I can get, not someone telling me I’m going “to far” before I’ve even gotten started!

So the next time you see someone who’s lost weight recently, don’t be a weight scotcher. Find out the facts, and if the person is indeed being unhealthy, then try to help. But, if they are working hard and doing it the right way, then please, put your own feelings aside and just cheer them on!


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  • 1. Marja  |  7 May 2009 at 8:40 am

    Sounds like you need new friends who can be happy for you.

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