miss demeanor

14 April 2009 at 11:02 pm 1 comment

A woman is supposed to be mysterious.
A woman is supposed to be refined.
A woman is supposed to be poised, calm, and delicate. As the ultimate receiver, she takes all the world hurls at her and she quietly transforms it into something wonderful and sublime.

This is what woman should be.

see how she just exudes mystery and mystique?

see how she just exudes mystery and mystique?

By nature, I am not what woman should be. I am aggressive, take-charge, and anything but a perfect receiver of all things hurled my way. I growl,  I get very angry and want to punch something, and I am very blunt, which makes me very unmysterious. In fact, when I took the Myers-Briggs test for personalities it specifically said that my personality was better suited for a man! It also noted that females with my personality often found it hard to create romantic relationships. Aye me!

this is more my style... unfortunately.

this is more my style... unfortunately.

But I am a good learner, and I can act.

So I took it upon myself to learn the art of woman. I learned to let go — be a little less “take-charge”! I learned to keep my mouth shut, even when I wanted to say something or correct someone. I learned a smile often gets more done than all my fabulous logical arguments, which was kind of fun. I learned to dress to accentuate the feminine side of me. I learned patience. I learned to support and to listen. I learned to receive.

It has been quite a sublime experience.

But, every now and again — the more natural, “unfeminine” side shows up, like a bad sequel and I find myself dealing with the repercussions of my less feminine actions:

1.Instead of waiting for the guy I like to call me, I found myself sending him texts! This got me nowhere, and probably didn’t make him feel any more affection for me, and he didn’t respond, which only made me feel worse. (One ruler slap!)

2. Instead of listening to a co-worker’s honest complaint about my work, I got defensive and angry! (I really do growl.) Once again, my destination was that great city of nowhere, and nothing really got accomplished until I calmed down and listened. (Two ruler slaps!)

3. I over-reacted to the lovely process of filing my income tax return, and ended up driving aggressively and over the speed limit! This lost me a bet, and irked the heck out of me, because I’d been doing so well at keeping that goal. (Three ruler slaps!)

These lapses… these momentary losses of the feminine art are bad, but nothing I should be locked up for. After all, they are not high crimes — they are just miss demeanors.


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  • 1. Hannah  |  16 April 2009 at 9:22 pm

    hahahah! cute! I like the play on words. You are a talented writer *is envious*

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