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Sometimes its best to explain the meaning of a word in context:

guy: I wouldn’t want to do anything that would damage our ree-friendship.
girl: ree-friendship? ree-friendship? what’s that?
guy: uhh…I just said “ourrr friendship” – you must have heard it wrong.
girl: You said “our re-friendship” almost like you were going to say something else…
guy: (pause) Well, thank you for correcting me. You know, people learn a lot from correction.
girl: I told you I’m not a very patient person.
guy: What does that have to do with you correcting my sentence?

I think society needs wonderful words like ree-friendship to adequately explain those nebulous stages that occur in every process. In the process of moving from friendship to a bonafide romantic relationship there are many gray areas that could use a word like ree-friendship to define them.

Or how about that ambigious stage between dusk and night when the sky is a hazy gray, the sun is just a sliver on the horizon and the clouds are low in the sky, but one star is starting to shine?
Or what about when you are served something that isn’t really thin enough to be a soup, but it can’t be called a chili or a chowder?

Unfortunately, labeling things has often been much easier for humans than actually understanding them. We can name almost anything, but that won’t make it easier to comprehend or value what we have in front of us.  

Rebekah put it best when she said, “The course of ree-friendship never did run smooth.” Amen.


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  • 1. Rebekah  |  19 March 2009 at 11:30 am

    Rebekah: Or something like that. =)

    Megan: I tried to get a hold of you for the exact quote…

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