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Maybe you have heard of pre-adolescents. They range in age from about 11-14 years of age, are filled with tons of emotion, and don’t yet know how to contain all that energy and feeling. This results in awkward social behavior, overly dramatic problem solving, and lots of giggles whenever someone of the opposite gender happens to pass by.

silly, energetic & appropriate for their age.

PRE-adolescents: silly, energetic & appropriate for their age.

Post-adolescents are exactly the same, except for one small detail. They are older than 21, and should have left all that emotion and awkward social behavior behind long ago.

just silly & energetic.

POST-adolescent: just silly & energetic.

A post-adolescent, we’ll call her “Candy”,  was cast with me and several other adults in a musical called Quilters. Admittedly, the cast includes 7 females, which could lead to problems even with a “normal” set of women, but throw one post-adolescent in there and you are asking for trouble.

Like most post-adolescents, Candy is able to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong, while at the same time being horribly offended if anyone suggests  she do anything differently. I’m amazed at our director’s patience when he deals with conversations like this on a regular basis:

Director: Uh… Candy? I’d like you to re-do that part again, because I can’t hear what you are saying, and you really need to slow down.
Candy: I know.  I was just excited about being in the play, and I forgot to slow down. (little giggle)
Director: Ok, so let’s do this scene over again. Start from the line —
Candy: (interrupting) Before we start again, I want to say something about the way the other girls are doing their lines in this scene. It would make more sense if they sounded a bit more happy, because right now, I’m not really getting that they are all happy about what’s going on… especially Tina. She has such an upset look on her face.
Director: That may be because this is the 10th time we’ve run this scene, because we need you to talk more slowly.
Candy: Well, I’m just saying that she needs to work on that…
Director: Ok, moving on… 

While part of me would like to strangle her until she is blessedly silent, the other part of me is almost jealous. There is a small bit of teenagerhood left in me that would love to be filled with angst and anguish and anger, and the fact that she is somehow able to survive in this world while retaining that side of herself is something of a marvel.

Despite this small yearning, I don’t think I will join the ranks of the post-adolescent hoard anytime soon, but maybe every now and then I’ll let loose a girly giggle just for old time’s sake.


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  • 1. snailmeister  |  26 February 2009 at 9:02 am

    Personally, I am grateful that you’re nothing like Candy. I bet you can incorporate a youthful sense of romance and adventure into your life WITHOUT driving the rest of the world completely nuts. We’ll practice our giggling sometime.

  • 2. Korri  |  21 March 2009 at 10:43 am

    haha Reading this makes me laugh.. You summed up in a few words how I have been feeling for months.. And I bet if we let her read it.. She would have no idea it was about her lol.. Ah.. Reading this makes my heart feel light again.. I think I can deal with out throttling her now.. 🙂

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