25 — oh, man alive!

7 February 2009 at 2:37 pm Leave a comment

25 things about myself…. AS an official start to my blog… I am publishing this note that already got sent around Facebook.

1. When I’m stressed out I make chocolate chip cookie dough. Because I am stressed out a lot, I’ve perfected this cookie recipe.

2. I’ve memorized at least the top 30 most popular hymns sung in our church, so I regularly don’t need a hymnal during sacrament meeting.

3. I love to watch Anime, but I hate the looks people give me when I tell them that I love to watch Anime. (I think Anime watchers are misunderstood.)

4. I almost froze to death on a mountainside with my brother when I was 11 and he was 5. If you want the rest of the story, ask me sometime.

5. Because of the search and rescue effort during #4, my sister Hannah was almost born early. I am often jokingly blamed as the one who “messed her up forever”.

6. Although I am the oldest, I am not the firstborn.

7. If I see a stray hair on your shirt or sweater, I will pick it off — even if I don’t know you at all.

8. I have been fired. (..and I am proud that I didn’t cry in front of the guy who fired me.)

9. I was once accused of hiding my sister’s underwear, much to her embarassment.

10. I’ve never had a favorite color. The question absolutely defies my logic. All colors are wonderful if used correctly.

11. The year I was “unemployed” I listed 6 sources of income. I had 2 W-2’s and 4 MISC-1089’s.

12. I spent my first day in Berlin riding the bus and wandering around the city. Its one of my favorite memories.

13. I could get lost for years in the Smithsonian Museum in D.C. and be perfectly happy.

14. I check out movie previews just for fun. I may never see the movie, but I like to watch previews.

15. The things I hate most in this world are overdraft fees, people who turn slowly when driving, and hypocrites.

16. One of my dreams is to write a novel that makes it to the bestseller list.

17. I love my bed. I buy expensive bedding and sheets, and I always have plenty of pillows.

18. I could probably walk forever, but I hate running.

19. I sing to the radio when I drive. I don’t care if anyone is watching.

20. I secretly yearn to direct a movie, but the only things I know about filmmaking, I learned from watching the extras on my DVDs.

21. My hair has never been and never will be blonde. Red, blue, brunette, and purple, but never blonde.

22. The doctor who delivered me said I have perfect ears. I am mildly proud that at least one part of me is perfect.

23. My junior year in High School, I decided my handwriting was ugly, so I started writing in all caps. If I get in a rush, my old handwriting comes back.

24. Ultimately, the color of the car is the deciding factor for me when I purchase a vehicle.

25. Even though I am a mormon, I believe in the power of Feng Shui — the ability to de-stress and create a better future for yourself by clearing the space around you.

(26. I never honestly thought I could come up with 25 interesting things… maybe I didn’t — you tell me!)


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